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Our website uses cookies, aiming at making it easier for you to access and browse it. At the same time, we use cookies in order to receive certain information about your browsing on our website.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by the website's server on your computer's hard drive, on your mobile phone, or on any other device used to visit our website.


Cookies perform many functions, such as facilitating your browsing from one website to another, storing your preferences, and generally improving your browsing experience on a website.


Cookies are classified into different categories depending on the purpose they serve and the period of time they last. In terms of duration, our website uses both "temporary cookies", which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, as well as "long-term cookies" which remain stored in your device until their default term has been completed. In relation to the purpose for which they are being installed, our website uses the following categories of cookies:

i. Cookies which are "necessary" for its operation (hereinafter "necessary cookies"): These cookies are necessary for navigation on our website allowing basic functions, such as navigating pages and accessing secure areas of the website. Our website cannot function properly without the use of these cookies,

ii. Preferences cookies: Preferences cookies allow our website to remember information related to choices you have made during your previous visit and relate to the way it appears and behaves, such as the preferred language,

iii. Cookies statistics: Cookies statistics help us understand how visitors of our website interact, by collecting and recording information anonymously,

iv. Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies are used to locate visitors through websites, with the ultimate goal of displaying to them advertisements that interest them and are therefore valuable to advertisers. For example, these cookies may collect and combine information obtained - during your previous visits to various websites - in order to show you specific advertisements and to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of those advertisements.

Before using all categories of cookies, we will always ask for your consent, except for the necessary cookies, for which your prior consent is not required.

Our website also uses Google Analytics (GA), a web analytics service offered by Google, which uses cookies in order to analyze the use of our website by users. We use these cookies:

- to determine the number of people using our website,

- to better understand how they find and use our website,

- to get information on how many times they visit our website as well as the duration of their browsing on it,

- and to see their route through our website.

Although GA records data such as the geographic location, the device, your internet web browser and the operating system, none of this information identifies you personally. GA also records the IP address of your computer, which could be used for your personal identification, but Google does not provide us with access to it. GA uses cookies, details of which can be found in Google's developer guides. Our website uses the GA analytics.js application.


The menus of most browsers offer options on how to manage cookies. These options vary depending on the browser. Depending on the options provided by the browser you are using, you may be allowed to install Cookies, disable/delete existing ones, or be notified every time you receive cookies. Instructions for managing and deleting cookies are usually found in the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" menus of the browser. You can also find more detailed guidance at which explains in detail how to check and delete cookies in most browsers.

Please note that, in the event that you reject or disable cookies on our website, the functionality of the Websites may be partially lost. Also, by disabling a cookie or a cookies category, the cookie is not deleted from the browser. Such a move should be made by you, by changing the internal functions of the browser you are using.


We reserve the right from time to time to amend this Policy, in whole or in part, at our sole discretion. Any amendment herein shall take effect as soon as the amended Policy is posted on the Website. At the same time, there will be an indication on our main webpage indicating the amendment. In any case, as long as you continue to use our Website and its services and the services of our Online Store after amendments have been made in accordance with the above, you will be deemed to accept these amendments. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, as may be amended, either in whole or in part, you must discontinue using the Website and our Online Store.

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